About the artist:
Ron van der Ende is a sculptor living in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He specializes in wall mounted bas-reliefs constructed from found wood: The original color and texture of the wood is utilized to form a gripping and realistic mosaic. The realism is further enhanced by the perspective built into the relief. Van der Ende uses his method to conjure up dark industrial and space age imagery.
If you like to know a bit more you might want to read this interview on Diskursdisko.de

About this website:
This website is being built on the fly. Please check back to see the archives filled and the rough edges polished out.
It is built blogstyle in WordPress by Ron van der Ende with an adapted version of the Decode Theme

Ron used to run the influential artblog ArtBBQ from 2003 untill 2007. It is currently offline.
The artist about his web activities:
“I think visual artists should consider taking charge of their own (web)representation as a natural part of their field. And why not? Its cheap, quite (but not too) easy and just plain fun!”