Fm3m/Salt [2013]

Bas-relief in salvaged wood, 191 x 170 x 15cm
(private collection, Madrid, ES)

Crystals of common salt (also known as rock salt, halite or sodium chloride) are cuboid in shape. In other words they are made up of rectangular slabs with right-angled corners. The shape arises because, at a molecular level, the sodium and chlorine ions are spaced on a regular cubic grid or ‘lattice’. The crystals belong to the cubic system (one of 7 main crystal systems), and more specifically to a symmetry class identified by the international symbol Fm3m (one of over 200 possible space groups).
(source: wikipedia.org/wiki/Cubic_crystal_system

A body of work produced for the Phasmid exhibition at Ambach & Rice in Los Angeles, California. The Phasmid or Phasmatodea are an order of insects commonly known as stick insects. The name is derived from the Ancient Greek phasma, meaning an apparition or phantom.