Holocene [2013]

Bas-relief in salvaged wood, 160 x 168 x 16cm
(private collection, Rotterdam, NL)

The Holocene is a geological epoch which began at the end of the Pleistocene some 12,000 years ago, coinciding with the earliest signs of the Neolithic Revolution (the change from hunting and gathering to agriculture). It continues to the present. The Holocene has been identified with the current warm period, and can be considered an interglacial in the current ice age. The Holocene also encompasses the expansion of the human population and its impact on the world environment, and is therefore sometimes called the Anthropocene.
(source: wikipedia.org/wiki/Holocene)


The Factory Set

The Factory Set was a large solo presentation at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam, a mid-career retrospective featuring 37 bas-reliefs, most of which were kindly provided by various collectors and museums. The works on this page were made in relation to the show.