Space Ops (McMurdo) [2007]

Bas-relief in salvaged wood, 115 x 85 x 12cm
(ABN-AMRO Art Collection, NL)

The Joint Space Operations Center (JSOC) opened in the McMurdo Antarctic station in January 2005. The building’s purpose is to unite the station’s computer and telephone systems into one dedicated hub. It houses the station's computer data center and telephone network. NASA uses it to track polar-orbiting scientific satellites and to operate weather satellite equipment for the U.S. Air Force. This type of computer data center generates so much heat that the building needs to be cooled down despite its Arctic location.
(source: The Antarctic Sun)

Polar Exploration

An inquiry into the spirit of the age of Polar Exploration. Around 1900 the North and South Poles were the last great stretches of unclaimed territory. With the exception of the last work, Schooner (S.S. Roosevelt), the set was exhibited by Delta gallery Rotterdam in 2007.